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H&H Floor Sanding

EST 1967

Premium Wood Flooring Sales and Service


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Wood Flooring For Sale
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Buy wood flooringfrom the finest mills without paying extra for the up-keep of a carpet, tile, or hardware store.



Over 40 years of Fine HardWood and Softwood Flooring Design, Sales, Installation, Finishing, and Restoration.
Located in Minot Maine, reaching hither and yon. Speak to Wade McCall, Owner, by calling


Contractors: Be kind to your bottom line - Let us provide your wood flooring! 

When H&H Finishes...

Increase in value.

HardWood and Softwood is Sanitary

HardWood and Softwood has Longevity

Natural Beauty

      a floor that is a showpiece.

      confidence that comes from the most durable floor finish available.

      expert floor care guidance.

      a schedule friendly, fully insured, environmentally sound project.


Instructions: Dial 207-576-2498.

Hire H&H whenever the looks and longevity of the floor are important.

For a free consultation, written estimate, or just to talk about how great wood floors are, call H&H.

If you are having your own floor done, you are trying to market a home to discerning buyers, or you are a contractor seeking premium craftsmanship, depend on H&H Floor Sanding.

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